Motorcycle Color Guard Presents Flags in Miami, AZ


Motorcycle Color Guard of America Presents flags in Miami on Veterans Day

IMGP0054On 11/11/2015, the Motorcycle Color Guard of America left the Valero gas station in East Mesa to present the military flags in the Veterans Day parade in Miami. 

The ride was uneventful except for pulling off and getting warmer gloves for one of the riders. Good thing as the temperature dropped to 28 degrees between Superior and Miami.  By the time we arrived, around 7:45 in Miami, the temperature was in the upper 30s. 

Upon arrival we reviewed the area where the presentation would be done.  The parade wasn’t planned to start until 10am so we ran some practice runs.  We had only practiced the presentation the Sunday before so the last minute practice was needed.  First two runs failed, but then we got our timings down and the following runs were good, so we were ready for show time.

At 9:30 we headed to the parade staging area, put up the flags, and waited for the parade to start.  We ended up being the 3rd unit in the parade with the parade being led by three fire trucks.  Two modern trucks and a 1955 restored fire truck. Directly behind us was the Miami High School band.

All military flags were to be presented: American, POW, Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

When the parade finally started the fire trucks moved about 1-2 miles an hour so we had several starts and stops until we reached the presentation area.  (Kinda difficult to maintain the balance on motorcycles below 3 miles per hour.)

Upon reaching the presentation area, the music was keyed up and the announcer was ready for  announcments.  I don’t know if the music could be heard as the band behind us was plenty loud. Regardless, we performed our maneuvers without a hitch and our individual flags were announced on leaving.

On exit we setup as a static display in front of a memorial at the park and then we were able to watch the remainder of the parade. The parade committee provided hot dogs, chips, and a drink for everyone in attendance, which we partook of.

The Motorcycle Color Guard of America does not belong to any organization but several of the riders are members of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association.  If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan we are alway looking for new riders. Only requirement is that you ride a Goldwing with a CB and trailer hitch.