AZ Run For The Fallen – October 2013

On October 18-20, 2013 the AZ Run for the Fallen was run between Tucson and Phoenix.  This annual event is to honor Arizona’s Military Fallen Heroes and Their Families.  The event started in Tucson on October 18th and ended at the Wesley Bolin Park in Phoenix on October 20th, 145 miles later with 14 runners from Tucson  covering the entire distance.

The Motorcycle Color Guard of America met the runners in Florence, Friday night (October 18th), and then starting Saturday Morning, and continuing into Sunday, stopped at each mile post to greet the runners and family members.

Following are the pictures taken.  The first set is fallen markers and family members and the second set is mostly runners and MCGA pictures.


Runners & MCGA

 (Note: When viewing slide show, be patient as it sets up.  Depending on your internet speed, it can take a minute or two before it starts the display).



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